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There are a few things to consider when contemplating investing in CBT with Therapy Warwickshire.

The ‘Problem’:

Do you feel low mood or depressed? This can happen for a huge variety of reasons and sometimes for no reason at all.

· Ask yourself if you have been:

· Struggling with motivation?

· Gone off food or comfort eating?

· Difficultly sleeping and waking up early?

· Withdrawing from friends and family?

· Gone off sex?

· Feeling tired?

· Feeling tearful?

Do you feel stressed, tense and anxious? This can often feel like it’s come from nowhere or creeps up on us over time as life gets on top of us.

Ask yourself if you have been:

· Feeling panicky – noticing your heart race, being breathless, shaky, sweaty and hot

· Struggling to sleep

· Worrying and imagining about anything or everything that would go wrong

· Being irritable and snapping at loved ones?

· Having difficulty concentrating?

· Unable to relax and sit still?

· Making excuses to get you out of commitments?

If your answer to these questions is yes then CBT may well be able to help. It also important to say don’t worry if you answer yes to all of them, depression and anxiety are two sides of the same coin. We get anxious about feeling low and low about getting anxious.
NICE (the National Institute for Clinical Excellence -the independent body that provides clinical recommendation for the NHS based on international research) recommends CBT in the treatment of my specialist areas for the following conditions:
· Anxiety disorders – Panic, agoraphobia social anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Generalised anxiety, body dysmorphic disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder
· Depression
During my clinical experience I have been privileged to see the people I work with grow in all aspects on their lives through CBT. Gaining tremendous benefits in improving the way they feel about themselves, building their confidence and self-esteem or taking the step to take a change of career or make a difficult choice in a relationship.

The right time?

CBT is not a quick fix. It involves hard work during and between sessions and this means it’s important to consider if now is the right time is for you.

· Are you ready for change?

· Can you commit to attend regular appointments?

· Can you commit to working towards your goals in between appointments?

· There is never a ‘perfect’ time but are the basics of your life stable enough to make this a priority?


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