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Can you make a diagnosis?

As an experienced therapist and mental health professional it is important for me to support you in understanding the range of symptoms you might experience and that these maybe indicative of a particular disorder for example Obsessional Compulsive disorder or OCD. However, I am not a Psychiatrist so am unable formally diagnosis or provide written reports to comment upon potential diagnosis.
It’s also important to say that it is very rare that any of our difficulties can be accurately described by one diagnosis and in my experience it is far more beneficial to consider a holistic picture of someone's difficulties and offer a custom made treatment plan to target these difficulties.

Do you help people with eating disorders?

This is a specialist area of clinical expertise, and as a responsible and ethical therapist it is important that I stay within my own clinical areas of expertise to ensure I provide the quality service I pride myself on.

So I am afraid that this is not a difficulty which I am currently able to support people with although this would not exclude me working with individuals who may have struggled with eating difficulties in the past and are now in recovery but continue to struggle with depression or anxiety and those individuals who might struggle with a phobia or anxiety connected to particular foods.

If you are concerned that you may have an eating disorder, I would encouraged you to seek support from your GP, who may be able to refer you to a more specialist service for support. There is also a range of useful reading materials and online resources which you may find useful: - This is a national charity which provides information and support, for individuals who have an eating disorder or are concerned they may have difficulties related to eating. - This is a local scheme ran in libraries throughout Warwickshire, who provide self-help books tried and tested by therapist who have recommended them for use in clinical practice and included literature on eating disorders based in a CBT approach.

Will my GP know I am seeing you?

Generally not but………

This will be something I always discuss with people at their first appointment. Generally I would not contact someone’s GP unless they particularly wanted me to do so and they felt this would be useful. However, I work within an important ethical code of conduct which means that I have a duty of care to you and to other and therefore if during our work together I were to have significant concerns about your safety or someone else’s I may need to share this information with other professionals which in some circumstances would include you GP. However, I would endeavour to do this as transparently as possible to ensure you understood what information was being shared, with whom and why I felt this was necessary.

In reality this is likely to be a rare occurrence but it’s important that the parameters of confidentiality are understood from the start of therapy.


When do you offer appointments?

I offer appointments two evenings a week Monday to Thursday, between 6.00pm and 8.00pm with a degree of flexibility dependent on my demand at the time.


Where do you offer appointments?

I work from ‘The Cloisters’ which is situated a stone's throw from Leamington Spa town centre on Lower Leam Street, CV31 1DJ.

The building has plentiful free parking and disabled access along with friendly reception staff. You can read more about the premises on their website:

Please see a map and additional details under the ’Find us’ tab on our homepage.


How long do appointments last?

Appointments will typically last between 45-60 minutes depending on the content of a session, sometimes it may be useful to agree to extend session slightly for particular parts of therapy but this would generally be planned and discussed in advance.


How many will I need?

It’s hard to say……

Therapy is never an exact science, but with my clinical experience I always try to give individuals an idea of how many sessions I feel it’s likely that they will require to achieve the change they want when we meet for the first time to allow them to make an informed choice about committing to CBT.

Generally speaking anxiety and depressive symptoms can be treated in between 8-20 sessions dependent on the individual’s degree of motivation, commitment, the severity of symptoms and the length of time they have struggled with the challenges they are facing. It also important to remember that life doesn’t stop for therapy and unfortunately can throw difficulties in our way during therapy which obviously has an impact on progress and the number of session which may be required.

Your progress will be regularly discussed and whereever possible ending therapy will be planned and carefully considered.


How much do appointments cost?

£50 per appointment

I am committed to providing a safe and professional service. This ensures I am able to have regular clinical supervision to regulate that I am practicing in an effective, ethical and safe manner, supports my professional development to make sure you can receive up to date and clinical approach to treatment and provides a confidential, safe and comfortable environment for us to meet

What if I’m not sure if CBT is for me?

You are more than welcome to book an initial appointment and meet with me, then think about it. There is no pressure to commit to a period of CBT following the first appointment.

It’s my job to help you to understand what might be maintaining your current difficulties and explain how CBT could help. An important part of this is also exploring what CBT may not be able change and for me to share information about alternative types of therapy, if I feel they could be beneficial. It’s really about you making the right choice for you.


Is there disabled access?


The building does has disabled access but please feel free to let me know if you have any mobility needs or have any other requirements prior to booking.


Do you have a waiting list?

My waiting time is rather variable as demand fluctuates throughout the year, so it’s best to give me a call to find out if I currently have a wait and if I do how long it might be until I have some availability at a time that suits you.


I have had CBT in the past, will this matter?


Sometimes people what to revisit CBT for a different type of problem or simply want to refresh previous things that they have covered. Any previous treatment you may have had will always be reviewed at our initial appointment.


Do you offer counselling?

No although CBT therapists are often referred to as ‘counsellors’, CBT is a different approach to counselling. So please take the time to read more on this website about ‘what CBT is’ from our homepage.

However, if you would like to find an accredited counsellor in your area you can do this by searching on:


Do you treat young people under the age of 18?

I have a wealth of experience of working with young people and really enjoy offering therapy to young people who are 16 and 17 years of age, as long as their parents are aware that they are accessing therapy and understand that therapy with a young person will be bound by the same terms of confidentiality as treating an adult.

This is important to ensure that a young person feels able to trust me and our work together.


Do you write professional reports for solicitors, insurers etc?

No, I am afraid this is a service which I don’t currently offer.


What do you do with my information?

Your basic demographic information will be kept securely for my reference only. Any notes taken to aid the therapy process will be stored separately with no identifiable information and again secured securely to protect its confidentiality.

It is typical in therapy that you yourself will hold the majority of the notes we make together as they will have been created for you benefit.


Is there a cancellation charge?

Yes, but only if cancellations are made later than appointment 24 hours before your appointment. In this instance cancellations are charged at £10.00.